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<A postdoctoral position is available immediately in Dept. of Cell Biology in Emory University>


Research in the laboratory

·        The cellular interaction of muscle stem cells in myogenesis

·        The role of muscle stem cells for muscle maintenance

·        The role of muscle stem cells in craniofacial muscle diseases



Required experiences

·        Without or Less than 2 years of postdoctoral experiences

·        Working with transgenic mice model

·        Intensive experiences with cell biology

·        Primary cell culture or cellular differentiation experiences with cell lines



Preferred experiences

·        Muscle/Neuro/autophagy field experiences

·        Molecular/cellular techniques (qRT-­‐PCR, WB, Immunohistochemistry, Transfection)

·        Imaging/flow cytometry/Cryo-­‐sectioning experiences



ØØ Emory University provides excellent postdoctoral education.

ØØ Salary level will be equivalent with NRSA postdoctoral stipend.



To apply for this position, please email a CV with brief describing your research interest and three references to Dr. Hyojung Choo (hchoo2@emory.edu).